Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2014
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
On July 23, 2014, the Company and Institutional Analyst approved a stock option grant of 400,000 options as compensation for services provided, as part of the contract approved December 18, 2013. Institutional Analyst has provided investor relations services. The non-qualified stock options vested immediately with an exercise price of $0.06 per share.
On July 31, 2014, the board approved a second round of financing for 2014. As such, starting in August 2014, the Company has been conducting a Private Placement Offering of Units (“September Offering”) that is intended to raise a total of $990,000. As of October 7, 2014, we have sold 1.58 units to 9 accredited investors (“Investors”) for total gross proceeds of $142,500, pursuant to which we issued 1,583,333 shares of common stocks and warrants to purchase up to 791,667 shares of common stock. The warrants are exercisable for three years and each warrant entitles the holder to purchase one share of common stock at $0.25 per share. The units were offered only to accredited investors and the purchase price of each unit was $90,000, with each unit consisting of 1,000,000 shares of common stock and 500,000 warrants. Security Research Associates, Inc. (“SRA”) served as our placement agent. We paid SRA $6,750 and issued a warrant to purchase 75,000 shares of our common stock at an exercise price of $0.09 for its services as our private placement agent. The securities offered and sold have not been registered under the Securities Act. The securities were offered and sold in reliance upon exemptions from registration pursuant to Rule 506 promulgated thereunder.
On August 21, 2014, we borrowed $25,000 under our Bridge Loan Note with Esenjay. This takedown represents our only outstanding debt under our three credit lines. Total unused credit under these lines is $3,225,000. Esenjay has no obligation to loan funds and the right to not advance funds under these facilities. For the takedown, the interest rate is 6% and the note matures December 31, 2015.
On October 2, 2014, the Company entered in a line of credit agreement in the maximum amount of $500,000 (“Line of Credit”) with Leon Frenkel (“Lender”). Borrowings under the Line of Credit bears interest at 8% per annum, with all unpaid principal and accrued interest due and payable on September 19, 2016 pursuant to the terms of the Secured Convertible Promissory Note (the “Note”). In addition, at the election of Lender, all or any portion of the outstanding principal, accrued but unpaid interest and/or late charges under the Note may be converted into shares of the Company’s common stock at any time at a conversion price of $0.12 per share. Borrowings under the Note are guaranteed by the Company and its wholly owned subsidiary, and are secured by all of the assets of the Company pursuant to the terms of a certain Security Agreement and Guaranty Agreement dated as of October 2, 2014. Proceeds from the Line of Credit can be solely used for working capital purposes. As of October 7, 2014, the Company has borrowed approximately $100,000 under the Note. In connection with the Line of Credit, the Company issued a Warrant Certificate to the Lender, entitling the Lender to purchase a certain number of shares of common stock of the Company equal to the outstanding advances under the Note divided by the Conversion Price, for a term of five years, and at an exercise price per share equal to $0.20. The Lender has no other material relationship with the Company or its affiliates.
The Company has retained Security Research Associates Inc. (“SRA”), on a best-efforts basis, as its placement agent for the placement of debt. The Company will pay to SRA for services rendered in conjunction with this debt financing in the amount of five percent (5%) of the gross proceeds raised and a warrant for the purchase of the Common Shares. The number Common Shares subject to the warrant will equal five percent (5%) of the aggregate gross proceeds from the Note received by the Company from the Lender divided by Twenty Cents ($0.20) per share. The warrant will have a term of three (3) years and will include cashless exercise provisions as well as representations and warranties that are customary and standard in warrants issued to placement agents or underwriters. The exercise price will equal twenty cents ($0.20). The Company also agrees to reimburse SRA periodically, upon request, or upon termination of SRA’s services, for SRA’s expenses incurred in connection with SRA’s financial advisory services, including fees and expenses of legal counsel, travel expenses and printing. All such non-accountable fees and expenses for the debt offering shall not exceed a combined aggregate amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000).