Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


3 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2015
Line of Credit and Short Term Loan [Abstract]  
Line of Credit
On October 2, 2014, the Company entered in a line of credit (“Line of Credit”) agreement in the maximum amount of $500,000 with Leon Frenkel (“Lender”). Borrowings under the Line of Credit bears interest at 8% per annum, with all unpaid principal and accrued interest due and payable on September 19, 2016 pursuant to the terms of the Secured Convertible Promissory Note (the “Note”). In addition, at the election of Lender, all or any portion of the outstanding principal, accrued but unpaid interest and/or late charges under the Line of Credit may be converted into shares of the Company’s common stock at any time at a conversion price of $0.12 per share. Borrowings under the Line of Credit are guaranteed by Flux Power, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, and are secured by all of the assets of the Company and Flux Power pursuant to the terms of a certain Security Agreement and Guaranty Agreement dated as of October 2, 2014. Proceeds from the Line of Credit can be solely used for working capital purposes. As of September 30, 2015, the Company borrowed a total of $215,000 under the Line of Credit. In connection with the Line of Credit, the Company granted a warrant to the Lender to purchase a certain number of shares of common stock of the Company equal to the outstanding advances under the Line of Credit divided by the conversion price of $0.12, for a term of five years, at an exercise price per share equal to $0.20. Accordingly, in connection with the advance of $215,000, Lender is entitled to purchase up to 1,791,667 shares of common stock upon exercise of the warrant at $0.20 per share. The Lender has no other material relationship with the Company or its affiliates. The estimated relative fair value of warrants issued in connection with advances under the Line of Credit is recorded as a debt discount and is amortized as additional interest expense over the term of the underlying debt. The Company recorded debt discount of approximately $85,000 based on the relative fair value of these warrants. In addition, as the effective conversion price of the debt was less than the market price of the underlying common stock on the date of issuance, the Company recorded additional debt discount of approximately $80,000 related to the beneficial conversion feature. As of September 30, 2015, the $215,000 principal amount outstanding under this agreement is presented net of unamortized debt discount totaling $83,000. During the three months ended September 30, 2015, the Company recorded approximately $22,000 of debt discount amortization, which is included in interest expense in the accompanying condensed consolidated statements of operations.
The Company retained Security Research Associates Inc. (“SRA”), on a best-efforts basis, as its placement agent for the placement of the Line of Credit. The Company agreed to pay SRA a cash amount equal to 5% of the gross proceeds raised and a warrant for the purchase of common stock of the Company equal to 5% of the aggregate gross proceeds from the Note received by the Company from the Lender divided by $0.12 per share. Warrants issued in connection with this agreement will have a term of 3 years, an exercise price equal to $0.12 per share and will include cashless exercise provisions as well as representations and warranties that are customary and standard in warrants issued to placement agents or underwriters. As of September 30, 2015 and in connection with the Line of Credit, SRA earned a commission of $10,750 and warrants to purchase 89,583 shares of our common stock at $0.12 per share. The earned cash commission was unpaid and included in the ending accrued expense balance as of September 30, 2015. Mr. Timothy Collins, the former Executive Chairman of the Company’s board of directors is the Chief Executive Officer, President, director and shareholder of SRA. On July 31, 2015, the Agency Agreement with SRA reached its termination date, and was not renewed.